Mr. Tommasi,

Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, Fascism — by whatever name may be used — has too many times set this world back by leaps and bounds. To support the same mindset that produced the Holocaust and Mussolini’s Italy is unfathomable to me.

But I see its dregs every day in the news: The ‘reelection’ of Vladimir Putin in Russia, the ‘install-for-life’ leadership in China, the rise of ultra-right political parties in Germany, Italy and the U.S. makes my skin crawl.

Unless this continuing scourge on humanity is halted, I fear for the existence of my children, grandchildren and all offspring.

The perceived social slight of people who do not believe they are ‘getting their fair share’ of empowerment — along with the raw devaluation of resources in the economy of a nation — are the ingredients for disaster. How else could one explain the rise of politicians with simplistic, buzzword, nationalistic ‘fixes’ to all ills; along with the lethal scapegoating of minority groups in the process?

Unfortunately, we humans routinely set reality aside, and all-too-often blindly believe what we are told by evil people. God help us all.

Reader, blogger, musician and music promoter/event producer. Community activist and educational advocate.

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