Mr. Hoehn,

I am astounded with your post. As a former public servant, I engaged three student interns in my final two years of office as a small-city mayor. Two of the three are on psychotropic meds and routinely suffer from depression. The third revealed to me recently that the stress of too many part-time jobs and a heavy, senior-year university schedule stresses him to the max. I have added all three to my standing list of worries.

I promote music on social media. The number of young people who post (is it for attention, ANY attention?) about how ‘ugly’ they are just dumbfounds me. That pronouncement isn’t the sole purview of young boys and men. Our children of both (or more) sexes are so fragile and insecure that it is no wonder that the CDC lists the leading cause of death in the 10–14 age group is suicide. For the first time ever, suicide kills more kids than motor vehicle accidents and homicide.

Your blog post needs to become required reading.

Thank you.

Reader, blogger, musician and music promoter/event producer. Community activist and educational advocate.

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