Mr. Ellis,

I officially ‘retired’ in mid-2016. I enjoyed the time for the most part, because I remained engaged with my nonprofit-organizations work, my music promotion and my ministry, including music. But something was missing.

Last fall, I decided to honor the request of a full-time teacher friend, and earmarked three afternoons each week to teach in an after-school program at my local primary school, (mostly) grades K-2.

So, what does this have to do with napping? Although I occasionally now work a nap into my routine — with your same lack of apology or regret — I made the conscious decision to sacrifice some napping to share skills and love of learning with kids. My own grand-kids live six hours away, so I have mostly had to unofficially adopt my own, on my own devices. My students easily qualify as great-grandchildren. Oh, how they help keep me young.

Forgive me, I’d write some more, but I’m going to take a nap, because I can.


Reader, blogger, musician and music promoter/event producer. Community activist and educational advocate.

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