In this age of social media, with its instant reach, near and far, I was struck by your observation: “Mourning the loss of a good friend is like facing a death, except their ever-aliveness is imposed on you again and again via their internet presence…” That is precisely my continuing reaction to the loss of two friendships over the last several months.

One ended because I was being ‘too close’ in the friendship. I considered the relationship much closer than the other party ever intended. In the interest of self preservation, I later concluded that some people are simply incapable of affection. As with you, the “How are you?” notes were never acknowledged.

In the second, I naively misplaced trust in someone known to me for several years, who ultimately had no genuine interest in me. It became clear that my former friend was only a taker; and not a giver.

Life lessons are painfully and dearly learned, as commenter Ilyse Johnson aptly noted, “…Regardless of gender, race or faith.”

Reader, blogger, musician and music promoter/event producer. Community activist and educational advocate.

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