I have enjoyed reading your post. I believe it is insightful and honest. Although I am exactly four times your age, my first flip-phone is a far different device than my iPhone.

Like you, I use mine to connect anytime, anywhere with the people I value. I believe — unlike most — that while every advance in technology becomes an instant target for humans inherently-opposed to change, the technological advances are indeed valuable.

If the smartphone is your escape’ then use it. It serves the same purpose as a hard-wired, ‘party-line’ phone did more than 50 years ago, and you aren’t compelled to sit and watch back-to-back hours of soap operas (as was the domestic, television ‘addiction’ of that day).

My wisest literature teacher, 50 years ago said, “People say that this [then-current] generation is going to the dogs. But you’ll notice they never quite make it there.”

Reader, blogger, musician and music promoter/event producer. Community activist and educational advocate.

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